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Bach / Karl Richter, Munich Bach Choir, 1960: Mass in B minor - Osana in...

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From the LP shown above, a sampler produced by Archiv and distributed in 1964. Originally from the Archiv LP, catalogue number ARC 3177/79, featuring the Munich Bach Choir, led by Karl Richter, in a performance of the Mass in B minor.

The manuscript in Bach's hand can be seen here:

Other tracks from this LP:

Telemann / Nuremberg Chamber Music Ensemble, 1960: Suite No. 6 in D minor -

Rameau / Andrée Esposito, 1963: Les Indes Galantes - Third Concert -

Praetorius / Collegium Terpsichore, 1960: Three Dances From Terpsichore (Vinyl LP) -

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