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Living With Van Gogh - 26min Documentary

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In Southern China a village of artists are creating copycat paintings from the worlds greatest artists. Van Gogh never sold a copy of his creation Sunflowers, so how come these guys are?!
Taking the younger inexperienced painters under his wing, the self-taught Master teaches them with techniques and ideas. One of his young protégées believes that painting has changed his life for the better. Painting was my hobby but there was no teacher in my village, I worked on shop windows and signboards until I came here. He resigned from his job in a Wal-Mart supermarket to make a go of it as a street painter. I saw you could make money painting, I have nothing else to do in my free time. The artists copy from books and photographs to produce some stunningly accurate and realistic art replicas. A light-hearted film which gives us a backstage pass to the world of copy-culture in China.

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