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CHOPIN, Fantasy-Impromptu, opus 66 (uncompressed)

Chopin, Fantasy-Impromptu, opus 66 (uncompressed). 

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 Chopin, Fantasy-Impromptu, opus 66 

Chopin, Fantasy-Impromptu, opus 66 (uncompressed)
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Fantasy-Impromptu, opus 66, by Frederic Chopin, accompanied by a graphical score.

Q: Who is playing?
A: Sorry, I don't know. I licensed this recording from Premium Beat, and they don't tell who the performers in their recordings are.

Q: Could you do a MAM video of _________?
A: Please see:

Q: Please tell me more about the composer.
A: You can read about Chopin here:

There are two versions of this video, one with the audio compressed ...
... and one without ...

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